Morbid god – Serpent Angel (1992)

Morbid God

Genre(s): Folk Black Metal

Lyrical theme(s): Satanism, Mysticism

Last known line-up:

Fernando “Langsuyar” Ribeiro – Vocals (Daemonarch, Orfeu Rebelde)
Duarte “Mantus” Picoto – Guitars (Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Extreme Unction)
Luís “Malah” “Fenrir” Lamelas – Guitars (Incarnated (Prt)/Desire (Prt), Millennium (Prt), Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, [f.e.v.e.r.])
João “Tetragrammaton” “Ares” Pedro – Bass (Witchbreed, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, DeepSkin)
“Baalberith” – Drums

Formed in 1989. The only true release by Morbid God before they changed to Moonspell.
The track was officially released by MTM in the “The birth of a tragedy” 2xLP
compilation in 1992.

Serpent Angel (1992)


1. Serpent angel 6:02


Father Satan send the Serpent
Poison me with your tongue
Envolve me in a darkness shell
Grant me all the powers of hell
Lucy Feris… bringer of light
Serpent God… Septentrion rise!

Unholy I felt, delirium of death
With blood I enchaint, I’m the Angel
Flesh! Grant me the powers oh!
Diabolical trinity
Enlight me spectre of Leviathan
Genesis of the true lord
In the mass of damnation
Gran-duc of hell Amon recite
thy incantation…
Occult I’m lord Immortal and
my majestic wings dare enlight all
Involeth… Daemoneth… Imoleth… Shehmah Forash…
Only I will oring Emeth

Rise my angels rise!
The creation of me Morbid God
(eerf ylf llahs I, dog eb llahs I)
By the hand of Tiamat, Lord of odd
Open wide the chapel of fall!
Overshadow me Master Belial!
Serpent Angel I am the one they adore!
They kneel before me I’m their Morbid God!