Interesting facts

For real Moonspell maniax here is nothing to find, but for the new fans this section will maybe bring something interesting. When You have something interesting, which isn’t here, please contact me!

» The keyboard player, Pedro, have made few remixes of Moonspell tracks, when he was in London. These are: ‘2econd Skin’, ‘Magdalene’ (two versions), ‘Lustmord’ and ‘Angelizer’. All those, except ‘Angelizer’, which was never released, we may download from officiall Moonspell site ( Few of those fragments were used in concerts, for example industrial effects in ‘2econd Skin’ in replacement for a guitar solo.

» By the D&H session Moonspell recorded three covers: Joy’s Division ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, ‘Os Senhores Da Guerra’ from portugal band Madredeus and Ozzy’s Osbourn ‘Mr Crowley’. All those we can find on a specially released limited version of this album.

» Off-topic now. On the net (Kazaa for example), we can find some of unreleased and unofficiall tracks from Moonspell. One of them is ‘I’m killed god’… It is a fake or a joke, ’cause neither Moonspell nor none of bandmembers didn’t took part by recording of this stuff.

» In many of Moonspell tracks we can find a Aleister’s Crowley voice. These are: ‘Awake, ‘A Poisoned Gift’ (both from ‘Irreligious’), ‘Mr Crowley’ (D&H ltd version) and ‘Hymn to Lucifer’ (from DAEMONARCH CD “Hermeticum’, a Moonspell’s side-project). His words are taken from old recordings of this occultist. An examplification – in ‘Awake’ we hear a fragment from AC’s autobiography ‘The Poet’. There is no officiall mention in textes about even existing of this voice.

(originally from fansite)

Before Moonspell called themselves they had several suggestions and one of them was Dead Mummia, which they consider as very stupid name. The band told this during the tour with Katatonia and Daylight Dies in 2006, so they disguised Mattias, the formal bass player of Katatonia, as a mummy, and he went on stage while they played. You can see the video here.