Logos and symbols

 morbid god logo Promo 92 (Morbid God) Before they changed their name to Moonspell in late 1992. Autor is Christophe Szpajdel
 Wolfheart (digipack) Autor is Carsten Drescher
Memorial Memorial (LTD) Finisterra (single)Font –  PF Monumenta Pro Regular
Night Eternal Lusitanian metal (CD and DVD) Alpha Noir/Omega WhiteFont – PF Monumenta Pro Regular

Autor is Adriano Esteves

Vector version (SVG)

Anno Satanae (demo tape) Wolfheart Under the Moonspell Under Satanae Autor is Christophe Szpajdel
 2econd Skin (EP) 
Darkness nad Hope Nocturna (Single)Font – Mason serif alt regular

Autor is Wojtek Blasiak.

Vector version (SVG)

 Irreligious Opium (single)Similar font

Irreligious name similar font

Moonspell TridentMemorial

Alpha Noir/Omega white (different)

Called as Moongram. Designed by Wojtek Blasiak.

Vector version (SVG)

Moonspell TridentMoonspell Trident


Darkness and HopeCalled as Moonspell Trident. Used on cover of album Darkness and Hope and in booklet. Designed by Wojtek Blasiak.

Vector version (SVG) (1), (2)

Moonspell curved TridentDarkness and HopeNo info

Vector version (SVG)