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Blog: Now your ships are gone

Fernando’s blog post: The sound of the church bell clocking 7PM is remote, resembling the familiar feeling of many towns in Portugal. I am reassuringly awaken from a quick tour nap, inside my dark bunk. We’re in Gdansk, formerly Danzig, and we’re parked, noblesse oblige, at the port. In the...


Blog: Natural habitats

Fernando’s blog post: When I go down the stairs of Rock Café Club in central Prague, to reach the backstage area, a familiar feeling invades me. My face is unwashed but I still got to manage a little tourbus hygiene and brush my teeth. Many of my favorite books are...


Under the Moonspell notebook entry #1

Welcome to the brand new Moonspell notebook, Under the Moonspell. With the launch of this notebook (lacking a better zápisníkterm), the band intends to bring you a litlle bit closer and inside the Moonspell’s world and routines, allowing to see and learn more about its members and activities, in a...