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Blog: Now your ships are gone

Fernando’s blog post: The sound of the church bell clocking 7PM is remote, resembling the familiar feeling of many towns in Portugal. I am reassuringly awaken from a quick tour nap, inside my dark bunk. We’re in Gdansk, formerly Danzig, and we’re parked, noblesse oblige, at the port. In the...


Birthday wishes thanks!!!

Fernando says thanks to all who were kind enough to remember his birthday!!! Muito obrigado, é bom saber que existem pessoas desse lado que não se esqucem de nós. Thanks for your neverending kindness and support!!! See you all soon with great news coming!!! Watch video:


Happy Birthday Fernando!

Dear Moonspell fans, Today is Fernando Ribeiro’s 38th birthday, and we have come up with this image/card inspired on each of Moonspell’s albums. It is signed by the entire community of fans through the street teams who agreed to participate. If you would like to join us and use it...


Interview with Fernando about new album

“Alpha Noir” is set for North American release on May 8th andit’s the first release through Napalm Records. Being that this is obviously one of the most anticipated albums of the year in metal, how ready are you to release it to the fans? We are more ready than ever...