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Todos Os Santos from 1755 is out!

The band announced the lyric video for the first song off their new album “1755”! Check the comment of Metal Injection here. Even tough this all happened in 1755, there are still a lot of world and country leaders that think themselves as saints, with a sacred mission, chosen by...


Lyrics video for song Medusalem

Lyrics: Two white feathers sewn on the angel black Be mine just for another thousand nights Or leave me to rot to the gods of the sun Just for a thousand lives Two white feathers sewn to the angel’s back


Listen songs Lickanthrope and White Skies

With thanks to the Portuguese RTP radio you can listen to songs from the still unreleased double album Alpha Noir / Ómega White. The radio interviewed Fernando and Miguel Gaspar and If you speak portuguese you can listen it under source link. I also discovered Omega White album cover. Moonspell...