Moonspell Says “Seduction Game” Essential For New Album

Gothic metal act Moonspell has been tight-lipped about the band’s upcoming album and follow-up to 2008’s “Night Eternal.” The band has now posted a lengthy updated on Facebook regarding the album and the band’s recent festival appearances. The new album’s initials will be “AN” (no full title has been revealed yet) and it is currently expected to drop in 2012. You can read the complete post from Moonspell below, in which the band explains why it has given no concrete information on the release until now.

“Dear everyone, it’s great to witness day by day the growth of our community here in the FB, especially in these official profile. Together with myspace, all the other groups and unofficial, but highly valued, pages and profiles we are now able to get more people into the spell while keeping them up to date with all that is going on the Moonspell field.

“We might appear silent sometimes but it’s just that we have our souls and attentions very focused in the two main things in this time period:

– Our Summer festival tour
– Our new album

“Some news and reflections about both: Summer festivals: so far, so good! We just came back from yet another fantastic reception at the great Graspop festival in Dessel, Belgium. It was the fifth time we were graced with an invitation to play and the Marquee 1 was the perfect stage and atmosphere to deliver what we called a ‘vintage’ set comprised only of Wolfheart and Irreligious song. For us and for the crowd was quite of a powerfully atmospheric communion and our hearts were filled when we came offstage. It was great to meet so many friends from other bandas (Cradle, Lacuna, Amorphis, Tryptikon), and sometimes it felt we were on a high school meeting, not able to give a step without bumping into a hug or someone to greet.

“We could also watch great sets by Cradle, Arch Enemy, Whitesnake and a even greater Priest! but unfortunately we had to miss Tryptikon but I am sure our paths will cross very soon. The flight home was quite disastrous, courtesy of a stupid flight company, unworthy of its name, that discriminates musicians, artists and entertainment professionals by charging an extra cost for your luggage, in our case, musical instruments, a stupid, offensive, ignorant penalty more expensive than taking sport guns or golf cubs that deserve better their respect. This company is Brussels Airlines which we flew by mistake (due to all the code-sharing companies do without warning the ticket buyer) and I urge all our fans and fellow musicians to avoid this suckers!

“But on with more fortunate words I have to say also a few words about Sweden Rock, Toronto’s Portugal day and Sonisphere in Greece. Each one on its way has been great for Moonspell. It was amazing to finally return to Scandinavia and play such a great festival to such an eager crowd. Hopefully we’ll have club dates up there with the new record. Toronto was a whole different experience but a victorious one, in a gig, that atipically brought together our Canadian fans and the local Portuguese community in a great experience for all, showing to many that Portugal is not only Fado or Folk music but that it has several Metal and Rock bands that can put up a good show and create a following outside Portugal and the communities. Definitely a learning experience for all.

“Sonisphere in Athens, Greece was a tremendous experience, with all the greek chaos around, the scorching, punishing early afternoon Sun, but of course of the best crowds in Europe, passionate, chanting, going wild, honoring their forefathers traditions of knowing how to throw a great party. Flight schedule was complicated, so this time no going out in Athens but we got to enjoy a fit return from Nightfall, an emotional rollercoaster first show for Slipknot return after their bassist passing, a great Maiden and for me, personally, a beastly performance from national heroes Rotting Christ which asked me to join them on stage for two epic tunes of their reptile set.

“We are getting ready now for Castle Rock in Mulheim, Germany which we headline Friday and of course the mighty WFF, which we will appear on the Last Supper stage at midnight sharp . Before our Eastern trip to Poland, Solvenia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria we will give more news. The setlists will be slightly different from gig to gig but we will play the vintage set that so many good omens have brought us in selected nights on these festivals. You will not want to miss that!

“New album: I know we are being a bitch with nothing giving any solid news regarding this new one but we do have the feeling that most of the bands give it all in the net, spoiling any possible romance, seduction game which is essential for a Moonspell record. so it’s not that we don’t want to be generous to our fans, it’s just that we don’t want to loose any impact on this one as we believe it to be one of the finest jewels we ever wrote.

“Nevertheless, there’s some stuff I can say about the album. It’s initials are AN and we refer to it as such while working on it. Revealing the title now would be premature. The record is coming out on 2012 (first trimester) but through which label we still do not know as we are now an unsigned band, financing from our own pocket our new album and all that it involves. We will produce the album ourselves but we are working with two producers and friends that are helping out the final shape of the Album. One is Benny Richter, who works with bands such as Caliban but whose musical vision and classical training and fresh ideas (he is quite younger than us, a first time for us eheh) are bringing a great added atmosphere and freshness into the record. We are working with Benny for two and a half years now and in July we will have a final round at the ludus for the more atmospheric songs of the album. The other person is already well-known for us, he is Tue Madsen, who worked with us in Under Satanae and Night Eternal. The drums for AN are already recorded at the Antfarm studios in Aarhus, Denmark and Tue is coming to Portugal to setup the rest of the instruments and he will be our choice to mix the album which will only happen in September.

“The record is tentatively divided in two parts (AN/OW) and drums’ second session will happen very soon in Berlin, Germany. The rest of the record will be done in Portugal, at our own revamped Inferno Studios, and the mixes will be Antfarm as stated.

“We will keep you informed about this one trying not to loose any of its original secrecy, mysticism and strength. This is a very important card for Moonspell and all our fans and we will not give hand and spoil the mood. Anyway, here’s some pics from the AN drum session in Denmark’s finest studio: Antfarm.

“Keep tuned on our official FB to get more news. Thanks for reading, thanks also to our admin. for such a great up to date,serious work on this one and be sure good things will come your way from the burning bowels of Portugal and from the pits of our wildest imagination.”



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