Por Um Objectivo

POR UM OBJECTIVO (For an objective) is a project of the Portuguese Platforms of NGOD (non governmental organization)  that gatheres together eight Portuguese bands for eight important goals in common for the development of humanity: The Millennium Development Goals.

This project began when three young people (Carolina Martins, Cesar Neto and Nuno da Silva Jorge) in collaboration with the Portuguese NGOD’s Platform, thought about doing a different project, innovative with a sense of active citizenship and involving civil society.
Eight Portuguese bands united for a common goal! There are eight bands who feel the objectives that are associated, they think about and act to change something: Moonspell, Orelha Negra, Souls of Fire, Noiserv, João Só e os Abandonados, Easyway, Humble and Nu Soul Family give voice to a goal.
The objectives are: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, reach universal primary education, promote of gender equality and empower women, reduce by two thirds infant mortality, improve maternal health, fighting HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases, ensure environmental sustainability, develop a global partnership for development.
There is  a little contest going every week, in wich, each band asks people to guess what is their objective. The winners get merchandising, CDs of the band and an invite for the special event, that takes placeon the 26th of this month.. in wich they’re going to show the song the eight band worked and recorded together for this eight objectives. Moonspell’s objective is: Reach universal primary education.
This is Moonspell’s week at POR UM OBJECTIVO. The band is also going to dedicate a song for their objective, that is going to be on the CD POR UM OBJECTIVO. The CD is not for sale, is a limited edition of 1000 copys, of 9 tracks: one from each band and one music with all bands, and is also a book with the story of the project.


More info about this project at official site and Facebook.

Source POR UM OBJECTIVO and Nuno da Silva Jorge


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