Moonspell & Opus Diabolicum – Incrível Almadense 31.10.2011

incrivel-carolina_davilaMoonspell has maintained the tradition of the past 10 years, having a concert in Halloween night  aiming  to introduce this date as the night of Moonspell. The motto of the night was Wolfheart, the band’s first album released in 1995.

On reaching the location since the row had a tendency to increase, it was the affluence of the space. We could find some masked zombies and fantastic creatures, who calmly waited to enter the location. Entering, I found that already a lot of people who went by the stage and seating in the front rows of the two balconies, it was expected that the hall would reach its limit. On stage, a giant curtain reflected the band’s photos taken in the 90’s, when the Wolfheart  album was released. At 22h the Incrivel Almadense was full and the anxiety felt by the entry of Moonspell on stage. Amidst the sound of guitars, a last pitch of the sound check, the audience whistled and called for the delayed entry of the band on stage.

Then we heard the beginning of the song “I’ll See You in My Dreams” which the audience responded with anxiety printed into the voices, foretelling the imminent entry of the band. It was shortly after it heard a voice announce: “Welcome to the night of the wolf, the night of Wolfheart. Are you ready? Ladies and gentlemen,  wolves from this huge wolf pack… Moonspell”.

The beginning sound of “Wolfshade” invaded the area and was visible behind the curtain, the entry of the musicians. When the curtain opened, Fernando Ribeiro, singer came on stage and the audience greeted him with general applause. Has been given the heavy beginning to a concert from the first moment. The public has always been present, singing, shouting, cheering and living every moment with energy. The band, as promised, was playing songs by the exact sequence of the album “Wolfheart”. Fernando Ribeiro was pulling the public, with phrases such as “Almadense, let’s go” and the public would respond to his advances as a human sea singing in unison.

After the song “Lua D’Inverno”,  Fernando said that this concert was dedicated to all  Moonspell fans, the true fans, those who have made “Wolfheart”, what he is calling ”a pack”. After “Trebaruna” they added  “Ataegina,” a song that is not in the first edition of the album in question. Fernando justified this with the reason that the German publisher didn’t posted it on the CD at that time because he labeled it as ”some national drinking song”.

Fernando, this time wearing a jacket appealing aspect to a vampire,  sang “Vampiria”. This is a  well known theme by the public as it is a common theme in their concerts. They finished the first part with the song considered the band’s anthem, “Alma Mater”. This theme had as special guest, the guitarist who recorded it originally Tanngrisnir.

After a brief interval, the Gothic bellydancers  “Ignis Fatuus Luna” came on stage, dancing the beginning of the song “Tenebrarum Oratorium I”, taken from the EP Under the Moonspell, triggering a second part also full of intensity, with themes very well known to fans, such as Opium and Mephisto.

Just before the end of the show, Fernando Ribeiro thanks to the proper organization, having the chance to return to the mythical space that is Incrivel Almadense, the dancers and guest guitarist, to all fans in attendance who made this moment possible. Also spoke of the release of the new album, scheduled for spring 2012, making a little joke with the song “Ace of Spades” of Motorhead, saying it was a part of the new themes. He consideres the new album as one of the best works done by the band and hoping that it will also be well received  by the public.
The end was great  with the fans singing in one voice one of  the emblematic songs of the band, “Fullmoon Madness”. After its completion,  general applauses filled the place and although acclaimed, band fired up a long time, bringing together all stakeholders (people involved/organisation), but has not returned.

The concert was followed by an after-show with the band Opus Diabolicum those to whom Fernando, still on stage, announced as their dolphins. The after-show took place in the cine-almadense and was attended by some special guests and friends of the band. In a quiet and intimate atmosphere Opus Diabolicum played various topics of Moonspell and also featured an original song inspired by them. Fernando Ribeiro and Mike Gaspar came on stage at Alma Mater and sang an improvised theme with them.

It was the end of an intense, big night full of mysticism and soul.

Review by Miriam Mateus


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Translation: Moonspell Street Team Romania


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