Hell & Heaven Festival was canceled

fernando-fuckoffOfficial Moonspell Facebook: Terrible news for the Hell & Heaven Festival in México.
“Dear Mexican fans. We are desolate to say that due to Iberia, the Spanish flight company, we have to cancel our presence at the Hell and Heaven Fest in Guadalajara. The delayed flight in Lisbon (1.30 hours), without explanation, and the early departure of our connecting flight to Mexico City (40min late) as the Captain didn’t want to wait for the passengers whom waited for their his company delay in Portugal. It is unbelievable, we are very frustrated stuck at an ugly hotel with a sandwich and a juice, not able to make it in time today as there are no “plazas” no flight no anything. If you can do like Moonspell and boycott Iberia everytime you can!!! To our fans our deepest apologies and the promise of a powerful return in time. To Iberia my deepest despise and a sound, affirmative FUCK OFF!!!”

later: Hey hey please do not start a war here against The spanish! That is not te intention And that is not what This is about. Please understand our frustration And The frustration of ticket holders in México And do not play games With it! We mantain our words And complains about Iberia and Will explain in detail what happened. We are Back in Lisbon And still they Managed To loose our luggage And broke one of our guitars!!! Spanish fans please do not overreact, we love you And Will see you soon On tour! But All hate comments will be erased And their authors banned! Lets take a deep breath everyone And focus On The NeXT shows And Record. Guadalajara we promise To be Back as soon as we can but flying a different company! Spanish fans do not worry we Will drive To Madrid 😉 cheers All peace 😉 Fernando writing Fernando’s word!


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  1. Avatar rubi vikernes says:

    i just went to h&h to see you in action guys…so sad 🙁

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