Old records on vinyl

Glam-O-Rama rock shop is selling a new vinyl with  remastered songs from “Anno Satanae” (1993), plus Morbid God “Promo 92″ as a bonus. All gathered on vinyl for the first time! It’s in limited edition of 1000 copies (250 on black vinyl, 250 on splatter vinyl, 250 red vinyl and 250 on clear picture disc) 12” gatefold with expanded artwork and linear notes by vocalist and songwriter of band, Fernando Ribeiro.

More info or order: glamorama.rockshop@gmail.com

E-shop: http://www.moonspell.rastilho.com

Anno satanae vinyls


Dominik Matus

Long time admin of this page, big fan and supporter of Moonspell band. In everyday life art historian, cabinetmaker and restorer.

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