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Fernando’s blog post:

To everyone who will visit my new blog, introductions first: My name is Fernando Ribeiro and I am from Portugal. I am the singer of a Metal band called Moonspell. We have been together for over twenty years now. I like to share my ideas, thoughts, afflictions, my darkness and my hope with respectful, intelligent people who might or not already follow my work.

I have been taken to bed with a high fever and exhaustion from work for a couple of days and spent my hours thinking. Not all of this thinking is good for me, I must admit. I am 39 now and sometimes it’s hard to cope with the anxiety and the speed of time which runs against us after we turn into adults. I have a son, Fausto. He is 18 months old and he is everything for me. I have a lovely wife, Sonia, who is also a singer but in a Pop band. Our little own family is all I live for. I am fortunate to have them.

I will go on tour in a week. It starts in Prague and if all goes well ends in Beijing, China. It’s like a Jules Verne novel, almost. I have been doing this touring life since 1995. Portuguese are homesick by definition. I am Portuguese. My kid stayed with my mom because I am ill and my wife she is working. As I put up years, missing them became more intense. Of course I love what I do. But sometimes, people waste my time. Now, everything has to be worth. Every show. Every travel. Every minute outside.

I had a rough week. I started a blog.

Until a next time, Fernando

Dominik Matus

Long time admin of this page, big fan and supporter of Moonspell band. Studied cabinetmaker and restorer.

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