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Dear followers:

It’s been hard to keep up with everything here in Russia. We travel long distances by plane or bus every day and play every night. This is a BIG country and quite an experience to cross it. I am doing much better now, my vocals are back to shape and I am feeling well. I take almost all of my free time to lay in bed and rest. Of course, I will account in much more detail what is happening in the tour, including the scary off-road experience with a Russian bus. Yes what you see online is true, Russian drivers are stone cold crazy!!! Against all diffculties, we have risen to the ocasion and the shows are being wonderful to play.

I am working on a text about how I am (or have become) an optimist, I am sure/hope you’d like to read it. In the meanwhile enjoy my visual interpretation of Ivan Ogareff, the villain of the great Jules Verne novel Michael Strogoff, courier to the Czar, that I am having the privilege of reading while visiting some of the very own places where the action takes place.

Until a quick return, i thank thee…


Dominik Matus

Long time admin of this page, big fan and supporter of Moonspell band. In everyday life art historian, cabinetmaker and restorer.

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