New album dedicated to portugal earthquake

Fernando announced new EP record dedicated to catastrophy which happened in 1755 in Lisbon:

Greetings wolves and witches!

First off, many thanks for all the birthday wishes! It was overwhelming and it made me feel way less alone in a world where souls like ours are obliged to get together and to do something rightful with our energy as musicians, music fans, people who share an irresistible, unconditional love and attraction for the unknown, the forbidden, the lines written in between the lines, the genuine darkness and the genuine light inside of us all.

A word and a kind thought to #Amatrice victims before anything. It’s true we were working just days before on a concept about Lisbon earthquake and summoning energies and visions which unfortunately were to be made truth in this unfortunate natural disaster. 1755 earthquake was much more than just one of the biggest natural disasters in Europe. It was a game changer for Portugal society and of course one event marked by a pain and sorrow never seen before. It’s this humanity in brutality that we always like to study about and to imprint in our themes and the songs we just completed with Tue Madsen and Poison Apple Studios are impregnated by those feelings.

The interview I did for Rockový magazín Spark Brutal Assault official last time we played, was nothing more than a happy coincidence as we were just coming out of the studio and were pretty excited about what we did in there. We’re sorry/not sorry of not making more for you guys here on social networking but we were focused and busy seeing our new stuff growing to a state we were not expecting. Nothing wrong to be excited about your own stuff, actually that’s the way to go! So we were making our things come together without you letting you in the process not because we are mean but instead we were just enjoying each other company and a great time at the studio. Sure we did some footage and took some shots and we are planning to reveal such preciosities soon enough but there are reasons for our “silence” around this.

The first one is that Extinct still resonate on our ears and is far from being a dead album as many tours and further dates will be announced within this touring cycle Road to Extinction. So it wasn’t creative insatisfaction. It was more a plan from the past, materializing, to do a full thing in Portuguese (yes, all the songs are written and sung in Portuguese). I remember talking about this when Ares was still on the band. At the time we were inclined to do a Folk album, full of songs like Trebaruna and Ataegina from Wolfheart. But then the tide turned with Irreligious and we had no time or inspiration to do such an album. Until we found the right subject and a certain mood that made the band very excited and focused and this material we recorded blew our own expectations which is a great thing to happen to a band, especially after such a well-received record as Extinct was. Furthermore we now face a dilemma which we will also put to our label Napalm Records. These new songs in Portuguese were meant to be just a bonus to our DVD. In the meanwhile the DVD plans had to be changed and the songs we did sounded so strong that we decide to put it on an EP with a total of 5 songs, 3 of them brand new stuff, written one and a half year after Extinct was out, that is now. And of course,now that the worm is in the brain, and now that we feel that the songs are strong enough that if we commit ourselves even more we can maybe reach a full album with that. It’s not a market thing for us, it’s about taking a body of work to its highest point, a responsibility musicians have in order to be thankful for inspiration, which, above all records sales and show tickets, is what might keep us in the radar of people like you.

So we will back with our considerations and you can feel free to leave yours here. In the meanwhile, thank you again for the unholy birthday wishes, for giving us a great Summer season and for putting up with the wild ride, back and forth, which is our music and whatever best version of it we can present to you. Enjoy this “accidental” exclusive of our Czech friends here.

And stay tuned for BIG news 1st of Sep (we stand corrected!) . In English and em Português. Grandes novidades!


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