Anneke and Moonspell

Anneke van Giersbergen recorded a song and videoclip Scorpion Flower with Moonspell in 2008. We have got the oportunity to ask her few questions about this cooperation, so here are the answers:

You know Moonspell almost since their beginning. Have you liked their music?
The first big European tour for The Gathering in the mid-nineties was together with Moonspell and we have been in touch ever since. Irreligious is still one of my favourite albums.

What was your reaction to cooperation with Moonspell on Scorpion Flower?
It is always great to record with friends. It was one of the first collaborations I did since I left The Gathering, so I thank the boys for asking me in a period when everything was unsure. Singing on their album was a great thing and helped me to get back on my feet again.

Was there some previous possibility of cooperation?
Not really.

Working with Moonspell must be interesting. Do you have some significant experiences from recording or touring?
The boys are always really sweet for me and they basically treat me as their sister. We go way back and that feeling is always there when we meet. It’s always special to meet old friends in the music business, because a lot of bands come and go.

Ocassionaly you join Moonspell on stage. Would you like to record with them again?
Our relationship will continue in years to come, so whenever a new opportunity arrises I would love to work with them again. I am really happy to that they are doing so well after many years of touring and recording. Not many bands are still at the top of their game and I wish my “big brothers” all the best!


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