Wolfpack is back in the studio

Moonspell is already working on the new album in the studio as Fernando announced in an interview by MetalForces in August 2018:

I’ve already written a lot of lyrics for what’s going to be the forthcoming album of MOONSPELL, and the other guys are working on some music that I know of. I think that people can expect us to go into the studio in 2019, and probably release an album in 2019, 2020. We want to take our time. We want to make a big album, so absolutely. I think it’s a constant process. That’s what we love to do the most, is write new stuff and discover new stuff, and not to go to the old repertoire and put something together. I think it’s interesting if you like what I like, but our guitar player and our keyboard player may have a different opinion, so that’s why we write music. I think we’re going to write new music, definitely. We’re always doing it, sort of, and I think next year we will be able to release an album. If not next year, then maybe 2020. We’re not in any rush.

Fernando has written in the caption of the photo (14. January 2019):

View from a room. The pack is together, putting the first touches in what will be the new album, most likely to be released in 2020. Even tough we write a lot at home, a Moonspell song is only truly born when the five of us play it together as a band in our studio. This will be a long journey and make sure we’ll show you some of it. We do have most lyrics, some song ideas, some gut feeling, the usual need to try for new or different within our scope, and even the album title (!) but we have to keep it closed within the tight circle of the five of us.



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