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White Skies music video

As we expected, Napal Records today released the second videoclip of last double album, White Skies from bonus album Ómega White. In last new about this video I wrote we see Suicide Girls again. You can enjoy nice atmosphere, woman body, butts and boobs.  😉


Teaser of White Skies video

Ten days back, we could seen photos and video from filming of second videoclip of double album Alpha Noir. It’s White Skies from bonus album Ómega White. Suicide girls appear again. It will premiere on May 11th. Napalm Records published teaser of this videoclip. So here it is:


Listen albums on Youtube

You can listen new songs on Youtube server. It’s pretty good. Listen here and write a comment about your opinion. 🙂


Song previews

Napalm Records published previews of both albums Alpha Noir and Ómega White. Listen below:


New website and e-shop

Recently Moonspell launched the new official website and the new e-shop with clothes and other things (CD, vinyls, sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc.). In my opinion, the last flash website was much more sophisticated, but like the rest of the bands, Moonspellmoved to the social network Facebook. E-shop | Official website


Lickanthrope music video

New videoclip for Lickanthrope song from Alpha Noir album. “Little red riding hood enters a bar, in an abandoned house amidst the woods. In this bar, the regulars are not your average kind of people- it’s a place of vice, where a pack of wolves and other unearthly creatures find...


Lickanthrope teaser

Napalm Records published video from shooting of music video Lickanthrope. I tell some informations again. Lickanthrope will be the first video clip to come out of the Alpha Noir album. It will be directed by Filipe Melo, who worked with the band on the I will see you in my...


Listen songs Lickanthrope and White Skies

With thanks to the Portuguese RTP radio you can listen to songs from the still unreleased double album Alpha Noir / Ómega White. The radio interviewed Fernando and Miguel Gaspar and If you speak portuguese you can listen it under source link. I also discovered Omega White album cover. Moonspell...


Tracklist of new albums

Albums will issued in this editions: Alpha Noir Double Album Mediabook + Poster A2 Alpha Noir Boxset + Mediabook + Pendant + Poster A2 Alpha Noir/BLACK 2-LP Gatefold + Poster A2 Alpha Noir/GREY 2-LP Gatefold + Poster A2 Tracklist of new double album Alpha Noir/Ómega white is:


First photo from shooting and more

Comment to image by Moonspell: After more than 20 hours of shooting with an incredible crew and cast Moonspell salutes and reports everyone from the depths of Nandufe, Tondela. This will be our greatest video ever and as soon is it is ready you’ll be the first to watch 😉...


As the first videoclip will be Lickanthrope

Lickanthrope will be the first video clip to come out of the Alpha Noir album. It will be directed by Filipe Melo, who worked with the band on the I will see you in my dreams videoclip, recorded ten years ago. The shooting will be made in Nandufe, Tondela, in...


Cover art of Alpha Noir released!

Official Moonspell Facebook: An intricate, marvellous and symbolic creation by Seth Siro Anton, the Greek artist who collaborated with the band on Night Eternal. This may be his finest and darkest piece to the date, invoking all the atmosphere that Moonspell dual album, Alpha Noir/Omega White, will unleashed on April...