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XX – Moonspell 20 Anos book

As you could read before, Moonspell published a new bilingual (english, portuguese) book via Saída de Emergência for their 20th anniversary. This book has two versions,  one in paperback and one as special edition with hard cover and little bonus, the signed photo of band. The special edition is limited to 222 copies, so...


Review of Alpha Noir

“Alpha Noir” is the title of the new album by the Portuguese band Moonspell, which will be released on April 27. The interest in this release is definitely pulled by the special deluxe edition that contains a bonus CD entitled “Omega White” (the musical “twin” of Alpha Noir according to...


Moonspell & Opus Diabolicum – Incrível Almadense 31.10.2011

Moonspell has maintained the tradition of the past 10 years, having a concert in Halloween night  aiming  to introduce this date as the night of Moonspell. The motto of the night was Wolfheart, the band’s first album released in 1995. On reaching the location since the row had a tendency to increase, it was the affluence of the space. We could find some masked zombies and fantastic creatures, who calmly waited to enter the location. Entering, I found that already a lot of people who went by the stage and seating in the front...