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Blog: No option but Optimism

Fernando’s blog post: I started writing this text under a totally different mindset.I was on the road in Siberia, my survival instinct was sharp, I had beaten my maladies and I was ready for what might come. The lack of sleep, of rest; playing and travelling every day, leaves me,...


Blog: Russia still

Fernando’s blog post: Dear followers: It’s been hard to keep up with everything here in Russia. We travel long distances by plane or bus every day and play every night. This is a BIG country and quite an experience to cross it. I am doing much better now, my vocals...


Blog: Now your ships are gone

Fernando’s blog post: The sound of the church bell clocking 7PM is remote, resembling the familiar feeling of many towns in Portugal. I am reassuringly awaken from a quick tour nap, inside my dark bunk. We’re in Gdansk, formerly Danzig, and we’re parked, noblesse oblige, at the port. In the...


Blog: Natural habitats

Fernando’s blog post: When I go down the stairs of Rock Café Club in central Prague, to reach the backstage area, a familiar feeling invades me. My face is unwashed but I still got to manage a little tourbus hygiene and brush my teeth. Many of my favorite books are...


Moonspell in Prague Rock Café

Maybe you know, Moonspell will come to Rock Café in Prague (CZ) with classic set including songs from double-album “Alpha Noir / Omega White“, and with best songs from their 20 years long existence. The band will propably bring with self some host. It will not be Mariangela Demurtas from Tristania....


Fan t-shirts

As many Street teams around the world are having fan t-shirts, I decided to make our too.  Not everybody is czech or slovak fan, so I made a two versions. It will cost cca. 25 dollars (18 euro) without postal service. It’s not still printed so feel free to say...


Show at Masters of Rock was moved in program

The time of Moonspell’s concert  at Masters of Rock, Vizovice was swapped with The Exploited. So Moonspell will play on Saturday, July 13th between 19:20 and 20:30. Propably it will not be that epic like after midnight. EDIT-unofficial source: It’s because of Moonspell’s mistake, they thought they are playing at Saturday. The...


Slassic set of Moonspell at Masters of Rock

There’s another reason why to go to Masters of Rock this summer – Langsuyar with MOONSPELL confirmed, that they will show up on stage in Vizovice after one-year break. But it will be no ordinary visit – Portuguese quintet went thru its repertoire and realized it would be cool to refresh their...


XX – Moonspell 20 Anos book

As you could read before, Moonspell published a new bilingual (english, portuguese) book via Saída de Emergência for their 20th anniversary. This book has two versions,  one in paperback and one as special edition with hard cover and little bonus, the signed photo of band. The special edition is limited to 222 copies, so...


Old records on vinyl

Glam-O-Rama rock shop is selling a new vinyl with  remastered songs from “Anno Satanae” (1993), plus Morbid God “Promo 92″ as a bonus. All gathered on vinyl for the first time! It’s in limited edition of 1000 copies (250 on black vinyl, 250 on splatter vinyl, 250 red vinyl and 250...


Order a new book!

Moonspell: “Finally in our hands. The XX anniversary photobiography book. Available on bilingual edition PT/ENG. Paperback edition: 17,01€. Hardcover: 21,51 € plus P&P. Order here:”